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Seminars 2012

Tuesday, September 25
Dr. Jan Willem van de Meent
Departments of Chemistry and of Applied Physics & Applied Mathematics
"Learning Kinetic Pathways from Single-Molecule FRET Measurements using Bayesian Inference"

Thursday, September 20
Prof. Peter Schultz
Scripps Research Institute
"Synthesis at the Interface of Chemistry and Biology: From Stem Cells to the Genetic Code"

Tuesday, May 1
"Insights into ribosomal translocation from multiresolution modeling"
Prof. Samuel Flores, Uppsala University
Department of Cell and Molecular Biology

Tuesday, April 24
"How biophysical models can infer protein-DNA specificities from high-throughput binding data"
Dr. Tood Riley, Bussemaker Lab
Department of Biological Sciences

Tuesday, April 10
Prof. Wenshe Liu
Texas A&M University
"Pyrrolysyl-tRNA synthetase: a mediocre enzyme could be a gift from nature"

Friday, March 30
Prof. Gabriel Popescu
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
"Quantitative phase imaging: methods and applications"

Tuesday, March 27
Dazhi Tan, Tong Group
Department of Biological Sciences
"Structural insights into the bifuncionality of DmdD, the concluding enzyme of the MeSHpathway of DMSP catabolism"

Tuesday, January 31
Dr. Yong Yu, Yang Lab
Department of Biological Sciences
"Molecular mechanism of the assembly of PKD/TRPP receptor/ion channel complexes"

Thursday, January 26
Prof. Claure N. Lunardi
Brasilia University (UnB)
"Synthesis, encapsulation and biological uses of ruthenium nitrosyl complexes"

Tuesday, January 24
Stefan Hell
Max Planck Institute
"Nanoscopy with Focused Light"