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Progress in the biological sciences and medicine relies increasingly on methods, approaches, and strategies derived from synergistic interactions with the physical sciences and engineering. A prominent example of this trend is the use of optical methods for biosensing and bioimaging. These advances have led to a myriad of biomedical diagnostic applications and tools for advances in fundamental understanding of biological systems. Going beyond imaging macroscopic phenomenological changes that typically occur when a disease is well developed, researchers are now beginning to detect pathological changes at the earliest possible moment, when tissue and cells undergo transformation on the molecular level. Furthermore, the tremendous nanoscale device fabrication capabilities built up in microelectronics and photonics furnish unparalleled opportunities for leveraging highly integrated platforms for on-chip biological sensor systems. These sophisticated optical probes, imaging and biosensor systems have already impacted many areas of the biological and medical sciences. By their nature, these applications cross through multiple disciplines and require a team with diverse expertise in the fundamental light/tissue interaction, complex optical instrumentation and imaging tools, and relevant biological systems. This IGERT program seeks to train a new generation of scientists and engineers through a set of five research thrusts that cross three fundamental core competency areas: optics, photonics, and sensor electronics; biomolecular detection and cellular-level analysis; and applications to medicine and public health. Each IGERT trainee will be empowered to work at the boundaries between the disciplines and will be uniquely capable of contributing to advancements in this important emerging field.


Tuesday, May 28
"Angstrom-Scale Chemical Microscopy with Single-Molecule Mechanical Measurements"
Duckhoe Kim, Sahin Lab
12:00 PM, 700 Fairchild Hal

Tuesday, April 30
"Novel bio-imaging techniques using optical highlighter fluorescent proteins"
Xinxin Zhu, Min Lab
12:00 PM, 700 Fairchild Hall

Wednesday, April 10
"Molecular DNA devices in Living Systems"
Dr. Yamuna Krishnan
National Centre for Biological Sciences
Bangalore, India
4:00 PM, 414 Schapiro/CEPSR

Tuesday, March 26
"Fencing in Heterochromatin"
Jiyong Wang, Jia Lab
Department of Biological Sciences
12:00 PM, 700 Fairchild Hall

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