How do I apply for an IGERT fellowship?

Applications to the Ph. D. program in any of the participating departments will be considered for this IGERT fellowship. Students who are interested in this IGERT program are strongly encourage to note this in their personal statements. Students submitting an on-line application to the School of Engineering and Applied Science should check the box on the application indicating interest in the IGERT program.

I am not a U. S. citizen or permanent resident. Can I still be considered for this program?

No, only U. S. citizens or permanent residents are eligible to participate.

If I am an IGERT fellow, in which department will I get my degree?

IGERT fellows will still have an associated home department, of which their principal research advisor is a member. This is generally the degree-granting department. However, Ph. D. requirements, which are determined by the student’s advising committee, may be adjusted to better reflect the multidisciplinary aspect of the program.

How many fellowships are awarded per year?

Approximately 8-10 new fellowships are awarded each year.

Is there an Open House for the IGERT program?

Yes, for admitted students only. The Open House will usually take place in March.